"In our industry, it is very difficult finding good help.  Trust and relationships are everything and you do not want to ruin your credibility.  We have worked with other outsource channels and they were not successful because they were not tailored to suit our needs.  They were cookie-cutter, not custom-tailored.  Tammina is just the opposite!!!!  They customize each person, task, and skill set to help satisfy the gap and fulfill the solution.  The communication between Tammina is spot on.  They will schedule several potential candidates for screening and we then select the perfect candidate.  If there is a problem or situation where there is not a fit, they will replace that person with the right fit.  We are so honored to work with Tammina as they have helped us grow our business.  It all starts at the top with Santosh and Mehdi LEADING THE CHARGE!!! 
Insurance Agency

     "I own a $5MM annual revenue P&C agency with one other producer.

I have used the Tech Tammina folks now for over a year.  I have purchased “two resources.”  I have one person doing most of my monthly transactions and producer commissions reports and they both help me with the “back-office” work in producing reports, helping with various marketing projects and both new and renewal commercial and personal-lines quoting.

There was and still is a learning curve.  But I have found them quite bright and quick to learn.  They have an excellent attitude and are thorough in their documentation and communication with me and my local staff.

Their work has allowed my “in-house” account and office managers to have more time to interact with the clients by being able to off- load a lot of their quoting, certificate-producing, change submission, document-organizing and EOI-sending time to Tammina.

Insurance Agency
     “Working with Tech Tammina has been great.  My accounting department's biggest time burner has been in reconciling.  Tech Tammina has provided relief with this task.  This has been a nice working relationship.  Thank you Tech Tammina”

Insurance Agency
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