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Preparing Quotes and Insurance Proposals is one of the key services catered to our Insurance Agency Clients. The entire procedure of meticulously preparing a quote summary entails factoring all details in an organized and structured manner so that it helps the agencies to make an easy comparisons of different quotes at a quick glance and enables them to make an accurate analysis.
Our Quote & Proposal Preparing Finesse includes:
  • Hair-Splitting Analysis & Summarizing Coverage Details

  • Creating Premium and Commission Summary Tables

  • Extracting Carrier Financial Ratings

  • Collating Information into Structured & Well-Organized Spreadsheets

  • Populating Proposal Templates

  • Immaculate Presentation of Deliverable's

At Tech Tammina, we help streamline the Policy Checking Procedure and expedite it. With an entire back-end team of a sharp and dedicated team of professionals who are astute and committed to fulfilling all the requirements for a complete policycheck, our services prove to be a valuable asset for our eminent insurance agency clients as we partially or completely take care of their Policy Checking Procedures.
We offer assistance in Policy Checking Procedures as follows:
  • Reviewing Customer Documents & Stringent Checking for missing details, inaccuracies and inconsistencies

  • Supporting Underwriters with necessary missing details and other findings

  • Filling out customer and policy information that has been authenticated and verified

  • Constant Follow-Up of Policy Status

  • Tracking and obtaining other important details for generating policy documents

  • Producing & Presenting the final policy after comprehensive and all-inclusive inputs from underwriters.

At Tech Tammina, our COI services are customized and designed to eliminate all complex methods of issuing COI at affordable prices. Our team of professionals with extensive experience and on behalf of our Insurance Agency Clients, facilitates this COI process, streamlining the COI to ensure a smooth, orderly and efficient outcome. Every COI rolled out is a hallmark of quality assurance, reliability and surgical precision even as it is made affordable.
Our Certificate of Insurance Process involves the following:
  • Processing of Insurance Certificates

  • Master/Template Creation

  • Expeditious analysis

  • Communicating efficiently with agencies to expedite process requests

  • Validating compliance & Detecting non-compliant issues

  • Timely Delivery

  • Auto-Renewal Requests

  • Automation of COI

Having the correct information at ones’ fingertips at any given instant is essential for the success of any business. Hence, collating all information, getting them organized and keeping them handy so that they can be accessed instantly from wherever and whenever is fundamental in today’s digital age. When it comes to information, we all expect it “now” and accurate. Our Document Management with well-organized filing and indexing empowers our Insurance Agency Clients to handle large volumes of information and have instant access to reliable answers.
Benefit with our Document Management System as follows:
  • Transform your processes with document filing and indexing software

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Eliminate duplication storage of information

  • Cope effectively with high volumes with efficient indexing

  • Digital filing and indexing extra benefits

Insurance agencies always target prospective clients or new insurance agencies for loss runs. Timing is critical and if the loss run reports are not obtained on a timely basis from the underwriters, there are chances that the Insurance agency might lose out to a competitor. Hence, to eliminate this huge risk and have the loss run report prepared accurately and quickly at reasonable rates, it is ideal to outsource it. At Tech Tammina, we provide the necessary expertise to provide effective loss run services promptly on time . With state-of-the-art infrastructure and dedicated specialists, we ensure accurate loss run reports submitted quickly and at affordable rates,
Our significant loss run services include:
  • Sending loss run requests to previous insurers and receiving reports

  • Extracting loss run data for policy renewal

  • Detailed Analysis of loss run

  • Preparing claims report

  • Submitting claims report to underwriters

Ensuring transparency in transactions is fundamental to building trust and maintaining trustworthy relationships. Hence, insurance agencies must maintain correct balances and payments and also precisely manage the eligibility, carrier files, and premium payments of clients. At Tech Tammina, we help our insurance agency clients to save thousands of dollars each month.
Our premium invoicing and reconciliation process offers the following:
  • Reconciliation of premium payments on a monthly

  • One bill for simplification

  • List of bills created for the self-administered plan

  • Summaries of all changes and terminations for all plans

  • Automatic and system-driven Retroactivity

  • Invoices Segmented & Classified

  • Balance forward method applied

  • Uniform look and feel to improve accuracy for internal accounting

Tech Tammina highly experienced team is specialized to deal with the diverse endorsement insurance needs of our different insurance agency clients. Our cost-effective endorsement services help clients to save time and money.
The benefits of choosing our insurance endorsements services include:
  • Highly customized insurance endorsement processing services to clients

  • Endorsement Insurance Processing drives value with standardized workflows and reduced manpower

  • High-quality insurance endorsement services are made available at cost-effective rates

  • Access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting edge technologies

  • Short turnaround time

  • Domain Expertise in different types of endorsements

First impressions are often the last impressions. Very often, the Submission-to-Issue is the beginning of a long tenure symbiotic relationship. With a back-end team of professionals and domain experts, Tech Tammina Submission-to-Issue process ensures that our insurance agency clients get to cement long-lasting relationships from the start.
With Tech Tammina Submission-to-Issue Services, our insurance agency clients benefit as follows:
  • Spark off a winning first impression

  • Boost quote-to-bind ratios

  • Validate qualified submissions

  • Reduce and restrict inappropriate submissions

Renewal of insurance certificates entails cross-checking of all details of the policyholder like effective dates, amount ensured and more. To ensure process efficiency, consistency and provide enhanced customer satisfaction, there needs to be a quick turnaround maintaining accuracy and quality. At Tech Tammina, we have a blend of automated cutting edge technology that is overseen by keen and experienced insurance professionals to ensure our Insurance Agency clients get to offer their customers the best, every time!
Our Renewal Certificate Services offers the following Benefits:
  • Seamless Updating of Certificate details

  • The Robust repository allows instant access to Unique Description of Operations, delivery method of the original certificate and its excess liability limits

  • Saves Insurance agency weeks of effort

  • Delivers faster and accurate results

Insurance policies consist of vital information like definitions, declarations, coverage's, exclusions, conditions and more. It is crucial to ensure that all the details are accurately incorporated. Issuance policies are time-consuming and labor-intensive mundane work that needs constant attention to ensure the overall insurance profiling is not affected.
  • Validate and Review all Insurance policy paperwork details

  • Intimate underwriters regarding missing and inaccurate details

  • Verification of the customer details

  • Setting up document through the population of data

  • Work profiling - Arranging, listing & organizing digitized pages in a software program

  • Producing the final insurance policy based on comprehensive inputs from the underwriter

Tech Tammina specializes in providing complete insurance renewal and claims services that comply with the required quality standards and guidelines. These renewal exposure summary services are important as they provide information about renewal premiums and coverage's accurately. They are also necessary for gaining information about policyholder's risk and help in the recalculation of exposure management.
The benefits offered by Tech Tammina insurance renewal services are:
  • Advanced Tracking of Renewals to stay ahead of the renewal dates

  • Renewal Reminders and Comprehensive Summary Reports

  • Effective Addressing of Renewal Requests and interaction with Carriers

  • Ensuring maximum efficiency and accuracy with quick turn around


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